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3. I know that, but sometimes I want to look it up in the inbuilt dictionary application because it has a more detailed description for most words. Plus, 'Command + Ctrl + D' is a rather tedious combination.
Edit: I have changed the keyboard shortcut to 'Alt + D' now and the 'Look Up in Dictionary' option is no longer as necessary as it seemed then. However, having an extra option wouldn't hurt, IMHO.

4. How? How does it enable trash?

6. It is not even nearly the same thing. It won't help you in case of a crash. It only loads the pages but not the history of it. Plus, you have to save a new workspace each time you quit to restore it the next time you launch the browser - not exactly the most elegant or even the desired implementation.

9. Well, I know about 'Command + F' but what I am requesting is an entirely different feature altogether.

14. How? Please guide me!

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