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Yeah, I read that in some other thread. Thanks! :)

That's one very important feature down. Yay!

Update: I have figured out how to use Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' option from the address bar itself. It's pretty easy.
Hit 'Command + ," (or navigate to 'OmniWeb >> Preferences') while OmniWeb is active, click on 'Show All >> Shortcuts >> +' and enter the following details:
Name: Google - I'm Feeling Lucky
Keyword: ifl@
Done! Now you can either enter 'ifl <search term>' in the address bar or select 'Google - I'm Feeling Lucky' from the Search drop down menu on the top right of the browser, enter the search term and hit return.

Thanks to Forrest for the inspiration to fgure out how to do this! This sure is much better and flexible than Opera.

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