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I'm using OmniGraffle 2.2 and it does almost everything I need from within AppleScript except for one thing. If that one things exists in the most recent version of OmniGraffle then it will be worth it for me to upgrade. However, since I don't have the current version to search for the answer, I wonder if someone here can tell me if it is possible.

From within an AppleScript script, I would like to be able to set the script field of a shape. Is this possible? Here is an example code fragment:

set aShape to make new shape at end of graphics with properties {fill color:{51657, 52942, 65535}, origin:{28, 450}, size:{28, 500}, draws shadow:false, thickness:1, draws stroke:true, script:"myscript"}

except that "myscript" would contain the AppleScript code that would get executed when this shape is selected while in Browse mode.

This function does not appear to work in version 2.2