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Looks like the behavior of Export -> Web Page has changed in beta 7. OmniPlan now saves the resulting directory as "blah.htmld", and I can't find a way around it. If I remove .htmld from the save dialog, it automatically enables "hide extension"; disable "hide extension" and it re-adds .htmld.
The NSSavePanel doesn't really support exporting to a filename without extension. If you configure an exportable file type without an extension, it has fairly unpredictable effects, the most common one being that, by default, it will pick MyDocument.omniplan and overwrite your plan with your export without warning.

There's probably some magical incantation that we could put in the code to make this work better... I don't know what it is, but I messed around with it for more time than I could afford. Besides, what we're creating is a .htmld file wrapper - it's an old standard with a long and glorious tradition. Why not use it?

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My only way around is to save it as blah.htmld, then force a rename through Terminal window to remove the .htmld, at which point Finder recognizes it as a normal folder.
If you export and click the expansion triangle next to the filename, you can opt not to hide the extension. This setting is persisted and defaults to true system-wide. If true, it will set the same flag on the file controlled by Finder's inspectors under "Name & Extension". If you turn it off, do you get something more like what you want?

It kind sounds like you have some software installed that recognizes .htmld directory wrappers and treats them as packages. Seems like if you do, the behavior you have is what you might want.

The part that I find suspect is that I specify to save the directory as a package. In this case, I think it may be inappropriate, but I need to find out why Finder is treating .htmld as a package for you and not me in order to be sure. If you right-click the directory do you get an "Open With" menu? What's in it?


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