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I appreciate the reasons behind the htmld extension, but it isn't the most intuitive. Also, the same issue exists other Omni products export to web, where an extension is always added. In this case, launch services becomes aware that htmld is supposed to be a package, causing the strange behavior. In other products, an undesired extension is added to the name, but it doesn't say to Launch Services that it is a package in Info.plist.

For those having issues, there are two workarounds in OmniPlan Beta 7:

A) In the finder, select the htmld "file", choose Get Info, remove the .htmld from the name, tab out of the form & close Get info. The Finder should now see it as a folder.

B) In the finder, ctrl-click or right click on the htmld file. Choose Show Package Contents. This opens a new window inside the "folder". Copy the contents to your desired directory.