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I opened Omnifocus today and all my data was gone. Hours and hours of work just wiped. I checked the eyeball all views and no data! Forecast had nothing of the over 50 entries I had. Just bought it for the iPad a few days ago. Am already regretting it but I was so happy with it I went and bought Omnigraffle also now I regret that too.

Never in my many years on pc or iOS have I ever had all my data deleted like this without even so much as a warning or asking my permission first. It's a bug definitely. Omnifocus is supposed to preserve data not wipe it!! Everything lost. All my hours and hours of hard work. I can't believe this. All that was left there was as if the app had never been used with tuition help on how to use it. All else was gone. I didnt reset anything. Just everything disappeared.

I don't expect to get a resolution on this matter as I still haven't heard from them and now I am just too upset. I need an app like this badly but I need reliability not all my data deleted without warning. Very, very unhappy about this and don't know what to do. The data's gone for good and there's nothing anyone can do. I read everywhere this was supposed to be reliable but now I'm finding other people have had this happen also not just the view button but all data wiped!!

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