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Could you please let us know which Automator actions you're specifically needing, or what process you'd like to automate? Thanks!
The ones I need for my Automator script to work are "Get Open Outlines" (GetOpenDocuments.action) and "Export Outlines" (ExportDocuments.action.) I was able to hack "Get Open Outlines" to work by changing references of "OmniOutlinerPro3" to "OmniOutliner4" and "OmniOutliner Professional" to "OmniOutliner" in the action's Info.plist, but when doing the same thing to the Info.plist of "Export Outlines" (ExportDocuments.action), I get the error in Automator of ""Can't get «class OOwt»." Note that hacking the actions this way makes me nervous.

It would be better for me if you guys released OO4 (Pro)-compliant Automator actions of all of the ones still relevant from OO3, but if that's not going to happen, please give us some tips about how we can hack the OO3 ones safely. Please let me know if this should be a new topic.