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I tried SuperFocus for about three days and abandoned it. I had developed a template in Evernote that approximated the look and feel of a piece of paper, and I felt as though I had everything I needed to give it the college try. I gave SuperFocus up because I found myself just cycling through my lists of tasks and not really doing anything. It was almost as if "cycle through tasks" became a task that I just kept doing over and over.

I read GTD a year ago and I need to read it again. On another topic in the OF forum, someone said to break GTD down one step at a time. I really liked that idea. So I'm focusing on capturing right now. I went out and bought some 3x5 index cards and Zebra telescopic pen and made a hipster PDA for capturing while I'm away. And I'm dumping everything into my inbox and working from there. Once I feel as though I've created a solid enough habit, I'll move on to Processing.