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I keep hoping that OF will come out with a feature that actually does the tasks you put in the list. That would be a worthwhile upgrade!

Until then, I'll share a new rule that I'm implementing with myself: If I have a free moment where I want to do something, I look at a task that I could do in that free moment, and I still decide that I don't want to do it . . . . then I put the task/project on hold. I have a special list, separate from Someday/Maybe, where I stick these items. Then on weekly review, I try to be honest with myself as to whether I'm really going to do this or not. I find this gives me two advantages:

(a) I weed out tasks that I'm not prepared to do at the next opportunity. No point in having them in the list if I'm not going to do them when I have the chance.

(b) It's easier to decide whether to drop them if I'm faced with the certain knowledge that I've already passed up at least one chance to move them forward.

The net result so far for me at least has been to sharply reduce the number of projects I have going. I still haven't really bottomed out yet, though, because I still regularly find things creeping into my action lists that I later realize I don't actually intend to do.