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Thanks for sending those in - we'll keep an eye out for crashes and get on top of them for updates.

One thing to keep in mind is that some documents created on the Mac may not work as well on the iPad. (Rule of thumb: as document size, number/size of image attachments, etc. increase, so does the amount of RAM required to work with the document.)

iPads are amazing devices, but an iPad 2 still has about an quarter as much RAM as the lowest-end Mac Mini configuration, and that's split between the OS and the various apps running on the device. If OmniOutliner does ask for more memory than the device has to give us, we'll get shut down in a way that looks like a crash.

If your crashes with a particular document go away or become less common after restarting the device as Shinfu suggested, it's because restarting makes more memory available.

That all said, email the ninjas and we'll get on the crash reports. :-)