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Hi there,

The Kindle Personal Documents service now supports the use of WhisperSync to sync annotations on various types of documents.

OmniOutliner for Mac supports certain export formats. The set of export formats that it supports that are also supported by the Kindle Personal Documents service is .docx, .html, and .rtf (.pdf is also supported, but the use of WhisperSync to sync the annotations on .pdf documents is not).

The thing I want to know, without doing lots of experimentation on this myself, is which of those three formats is best to use when trying to view OmniOutliner documents on the Kindle?

Ideally the responder to this request would be able to try this out and be able to provide a first-hand response, but if not, then asking on various discussion boards relating to either OmniOutliner or the Kindle (or both) and then summarizing the responses would be fine too.

I would really appreciate the help.