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i really like the style and UI of omnigroup's applications. but there is one thing i dislike about the new omni apps: the icon!
i think the new icons, like omnigraffle, omnioutliner and omniplan are not very aqua-like. their green, yellow and orange color doesn't look very well n the dock. i think these icons are a bit overloaded, too complicated.

i would like icons that use more blue and other descent colors and more transparency effects - and most important: keep it simple!
for omniweb i still use the blue globe used in some versions of ow 4. icon of OW 4.0 was ok too. also the icon of omnidictionary is a nice one.
maybe there is a chance to see more icons like that in future versions of the applications!?

so that's just my personal opinion. what do other people think ?