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All we need is omnifocus to use the multitasking service called 'Task Completion' this will enable you Im guessing to hit the sync button and close or move to another application and the syncing will continue in the background until completed.
That would be handy and sounds like it should work. It would be an improvement over what we have today.

But that's not what Kevin was asking. I don't think OF will be able to continuously sync at regular intervals in the background. It wouldn't, for example, be able to keep its database up-to-date with tasks entered and synced on your Mac while some other app is frontmost on your iPhone. You'd have to bring OF to the front again on your iPhone to sync it.

Of course, I don't work for Omni, so who knows what they'll be able to come up with. My assertions are based purely on what I've read about iPhone OS 4.0 on the web.


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