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First off, i hadn't used OW for a long long time. I was a hardcore Safari user and supporter. But this thing (5.5.3) is amazing! Great job!

Second, the feature request :)
Two things that bother me though, things that were available in Safari.
1) Command-click (or enter) functionality: in Safari you could type something in the Google search bar, command-enter and it would give you the search results in a new tab.
Same goes with bookmarks, command-click on a bookmark and it would open in a new tab. This does work in OW, but ... not with a mouse button configured to emulate that command-click. It does however work correct if you use it to click on a link in a page.
2) PDF in browser support, but i'm sure that'll be supported in the future. I know it has been requested before. But This is a great OSX-browser and PDF support in OSX is one of it's strenghts, because it's dead simple and easy to use. So, integrating it in thé OSX-browser seems logical.

Sorry for the elaborate explanation :)