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As a side note, I find it interesting that some use Curio. I bought a license a couple of years ago. VERY interesting piece of software, but after using it for a bit it seemed like a jack of all trades, master of none. Would do mind maps, for example, but not all that well. Same with outlining, etc... So I always found myself moving to more dedicated apps, like NovaMind Pro for mindmaps, Notebook for outlines, etc....
Interesting ... I find NovaMind a bit too over-the-top stylish and Notebook a bit too constraining. By comparison, the advantage of Curio for me is its tremendous versatility to put almost anything I might want together on one page. Agreeably, it is therefore not a strict mind-mapping tool or outlining tool or (quote your favorite does-one-dedicated-thing-well) tool. Curio still does master the basics of these options rather nicely. The new UI is also a great step forward.

WRT this thread, I find that using Idea Spaces in Curio for broad overviews (a Kanban-type board and a weekly calendar) and Omnifocus for specific project + task management has made for a very productive toolset.