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I certainly understand the frustration here, and I apologize that adding sync support to our apps has taken so long!

As soon as iCloud was announced, we immediately saw how beneficial its document syncing would be for OmniOutliner, and we quickly announced that we would be offering support for it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our "as soon as possible" implementation is taking much longer than expected, and we don't have any way of knowing whether the final pieces of the puzzle will fall into place tomorrow or next year.

Rather than waiting indefinitely for our iCloud support to be finished, we've decided to roll out some of the related changes that we worked on at the same time: a bunch of behind-the-scenes work to use the new iOS 5 document architecture (part of getting ready for iCloud), and a new document browser which scales much better to large numbers of files—important when you're syncing lots of documents automatically (rather than just working with a few that are currently active). You'll see those updates later this month.

We're also exploring implementing our own document sync solution on top of standard WebDAV servers (including our Omni Sync Server), much like what we've done for OmniFocus. This effort is happening in parallel with the ongoing work on iCloud support, and is not meant to replace it: we ultimately plan to support both, rolling out each as soon it's ready. (We hope the final pieces of our iCloud implementation will fall into place tomorrow and we'll be able to ship it—but even if that does happen, we think WebDAV syncing will be a useful alternative for customers who aren't able to use iCloud for whatever reason.)