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OmniOutliner does a good job of importing Taskpaper formatted text files,

    - Point
        - Sub point 1
        - Sub point 2
            - Supporting detail x
            - Supporting detail y
        - Sub point 3
    - Next point
        - Detail A
        - Detail B
        - Detail C
    - Last point
preserving indentation and converting leading hyphens to oo3 bullets.

(I find this useful, because I generate a lot of my drafts in plain text (on a cheap Neo2 device, or, even on OS X, in WriteRoom), and a simple tab-indented TaskPaper format allows me to nest points in a way that OO3 will understand once I get to the stage of re-shaping and editing).

Pasting Taskpaper-formatted text into OO3 works less well - everything is collapsed into a single oo3 item.

This is a pity - I move from WriteRoom to OO3 so often that for many purposes I prefer to copy and paste rather than manually save to a TXT file and then reload into OO3.

A useful solution is, from the terminal:

pbpaste | open -f -a 'OmniOutliner Professional'
or, to launch it as a simple Applescript which expands all rows of the resulting outline:

do shell script "pbpaste | open -f -a 'OmniOutliner Professional'"

tell application id "com.omnigroup.OmniOutlinerPro3"
	set expanded of rows of front document to true
end tell
I personally do this from a Keyboard Maestro macro, which precedes the applescript with a copy action, yielding the work-flow:
  1. Select TaskPaper format text in some application,
  2. type a hot-key,
  3. an indented and expanded OO3 window opens.


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