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I bought OmniFocus for iPhone; can I use it on my iPad?
Yes! You can use anything you purchase from the App Store on up to 5 iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads that you own.

Will OmniFocus for iPhone run on an iPad?

Yep! Apple tells us that most iPhone applications should run just fine on the iPad. We've tested the application using the software simulator; if we discover any issues once we get actual iPad hardware to test with, we'll fix 'em as quickly as possible.

Are you going to do a version of OmniFocus customized for the iPad?

Absolutely! All of our Mac productivity apps are coming to the iPad. See this blog post for more info.

When will it be ready?

It's always hard to predicate how long it will take to build something which nobody has ever built before, but we anticipate it will ship in June, 2010.

If I install OmniFocus for iPhone on my iPad, will it break my existing sync setup?

If you're already syncing your data to an iPhone or iPod touch, this shouldn't cause any problems at all. OmniFocus' sync code can handle any number of devices. Your iPad will just appear to be another device that's talking to the sync server. Macs, iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads all behave pretty much the same.

Here's a diagram that shows how the MobileMe and WebDAV sync options function with an iPad in the mix.

A diagram for the Bonjour sync setups is available here.

The only real exception is for the folks who are currently using the Disk sync setup, as that is Mac-only; it doesn't support iPhone OS devices.

If you have any questions or trouble, though, the support ninjas stand ready to help via email and telephone. (1-800-315-6664 in North America)

I've been using OmniFocus on my Mac; how can I start syncing with my iPad?

The "Synchronizing between Macs and mobile devices" topic in OmniFocus for Mac's manual should get you started. Any documentation that refers to "iPhone or iPod touch" will also apply to your iPad.

If you have any questions or trouble setting things up, the support ninjas stand ready to help via email and telephone. (1-800-315-6664 in North America)

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