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I would like to export a short textfile for use with geektool

I need just the taskname from one context named 'telephone - private' and just available or next actions

call john 444-3456
call bank about loan
call dentist
You could try something like this:

ofexport -C -c "name='telephone - private'" -t next -E -a done=any -T flat -o ~/Desktop/[insert your file name here].txt
I believe that this puts you in context mode, then finds all next actions with context name "telephone" and puts the found items in the text file using the flat template (which just lists task names, if memory serves).

Not sure that you really need -E done=any (exclude any items that are marked done). It may be that -t next filters those out on its own.

At this point, I don't think ofexport has the ability to use "available" as a filter (i.e., something like -t available).

Perhaps we'll get that in the future.