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You could also try removing -t next and see what that gets you. It may look more like "remaining" under the OF availability filter.

Then, perhaps there's a way to narrow things further via a filter based on the start date, if you use start dates (e.g start date is before today).
Thanks Kingsinger.

At least I get some text into the text-file now.

unfortunately with -t next I only get true next actions and it doesn't seem that actions in a single action list are treated as next actions...

Also, if you have a parallell project only the first action is a next action, all others are just available. So they wouldn't show up even if I have told the program that all actions can be completed in any order...

and without -t next I get all entries in the context, including actions which I can't act on right now, they are blocked by actions that needs to be done before.