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Your current database is the one you are looking at in that application. The sync database is the one that is stored on the sync server by the last application to do a sync. You want to replace your current database with the one on the sync server. If you want to be suspenders-and-a-belt safe, you can do these things:

1) plug your iPad into iTunes and do a sync, which should back it up.
2) while you are there in iTunes, select the iPad in the list on the left, go to the Apps section of the iPad, scroll down to the bottom, select OmniFocus, and save the OmniFocus.ofocus file to your computer as a backup which you can easily access.
3) log in to the Omni Sync Server page at<your user name> and click on the button that allows you to download a backup of your data
4) switch off your iPad and leave it off until you've verified that the Mac is now using the iPad data