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Hey guys,

I just wanted to throw this out to the community. I've just started writing a ruby wrapper for OmniFocus. I'm writing it for syncing between Basecamp and OmniFocus.

Right now I'm just releasing the interface library for OmniFocus but I'll most likely opensource the whole thing when its done.

If your a rubyist and want to poke at it with me check it out here

My use case for this is as follows:

An application that will run on my workstation which will periodically sync, and be able to accept triggers , the todo items assigned to me on Basecamp. Also it will be able to push the actions I've created on my OmniFocus to Basecamp as todo's assigned to me. It will handle creating of Projects on both systems.

As my workstation is online 24/7 I'll get syncing between, my iPhone, OmniFocus install at home, work as well as Basecamp. Sounds sweet to me!:D

This library will make it pretty easy to whip this thing into a web-front end. I know there is one being worked on but it seems to have stalled.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests please let me know.