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this doesn't work in Lion's fullscreen mode I'm assuming because it messes with the concept of a frontmost window
I'm keeping away from Lion, so FullScreen is one of my scripting blind spots. My understanding is that, as you suggest, the Full Screen window is not necessarily the first member of the window collection.

Can't test this (attribute "AXFullScreen" is undefined and trips an error on 10.6) but I wonder if you can run code along these lines:
tell application id "sevs"
	set lstApps to application processes where its creator type = "OGfl"
	if length of lstApps < 1 then return missing value
	tell first item of lstApps
		set oWin to missing value
			set oWin to first window where value of attribute "AXFullScreen" is true
		end try
		if oWin is not missing value then
			-- work with this full screen window ?
		end if
	end tell
end tell