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In response to your most important items first, especially hard landscapes, I totally agree.

This is outside of the scope of KranK. KranK lets OmniFocus do all the sorting and grouping. KranK will either display the top item in the Q, or let you select an item.

Here are some ways I use Krank to process items that need to be done ASAP.

1. In KranK, click on the Top Item First so the light isn't lit. Then go into OmniFocus and select the task you want to work on. Activate the dashboard. KranK will display the selected item. Click the On Task button to start working on the task. This will lock the task into Krank.

2. Use different groupings in OmniFocus. Sort by Due Date or group by Due Soon. I like grouping by Due Soon.

3. Focus on a project that needs to get done now. This is my favorite one. :-) One of the coolest features of OmniFocus.

Hope this helps.

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