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Now setting up a daily goal / todo of reading scripture (spiritual book) something that would take me a long time to accomplish even though I'm focusing intently and neglecting other projects.
Don't worry. You will take my workflow and adapt it to fit your own personal workflow ;-)

For something like your Bible study, I would use a repeating task set to a schedule (daily, weekdays only, MWF, TThu, etc.) until I have it down pat. I would use OmniFocus to help set up a daily habit and remind myself to do my reading. After about 30 days, I hopefully will have adopted the reading habit and no longer need to use OmniFocus as a crutch to remind myself to read the Bible. In the beginning, you'll get the sense of satisfaction that you'll have checked off "read one proverb". But after a certain time (30 days, 3 months, 1 year?), you will find yourself in a particular place where checking it off is no longer needed as stimuli to reward yourself for having accomplished something.

Another example is shoe-tying or brushing teeth for my daughter. I reward her daily for successfully tying her shoes and remembering to brush her teeth. She gets a kick out of being rewarded with a sticker for these skills. But eventually, she'll grow numb and won't need that extra reward for something that has become automatic for her.

Your ultimate reward will be in successfully learning a new habit or skill.