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Secondly I have this video series that's 40 grueling hours long geez it's called man transformation and has dozens of guest speakers. It's a huge undertaking and suppose to be really enlightening and transformational but it's so damn time consuming that I find it really hard to get through what's your suggestions on time management with such a large project/study?
I am guessing that this 40 hour program is broken up into logical sections. If it's a history of the world, I'd imagine that there are probably one to four DVDs devoted to a particular country. Or if it is the scriptures, I'd imagine that the DVD is broken up into sections focused on one book of the Bible.

I would probably break this 40 hour DVD (I think it's a DVD or possibly a serious of audiobooks?) into bite sized projects focused on each section.

It would be easier to digest small portions of it rather than look at it as one monster project.

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