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The whole point of self help programs is that you will adopt a series of habits or a work plan that will help you achieve whatever goal is set before you.

While reading the book, use your notepad, favorite outliner, or favorite mind mapping program to create a list of Next Actions that will help you achieve your goal.

After you have finished reading the book, review the outline with the book to clarify the Next Actions. You may have missed a Next Action or two along the way.

Then enter the series of Next Actions as a new project in OmniFocus.

I like being able to use OmniFocus to create an outline of Next Actions. I save the outline in OPML format and import it into OmniFocus as a new project.

Reading a self help book is pointless unless you actually implement the steps outlined in the book. I always try to make sure I get the Next Actions.

But some books are meant to be informational and not necessarily a project. I see in my library "The Richest Man In Babylon." I use OmniOutliner to create a list of passages that I want to remember. This becomes my Cliff Notes. Next time, I won't have to read the whole book. I only need to read my outline to get the passages I wanted to remember.

Alternatively, I read the eBook on my iPad. I can use iBook's highlight function to create an index of various passages that I like.

So not all programs need a Next Action list. Maybe you just want to pull out certain facts for your convenience.

Whew..... I'm breathless.... Hope this helps, everyone!

You will find more workflow ideas and strategies on using OmniFocus by getting the "Creating Flow with OmniFocus" eBook or audiobook by Dr. Kourosh Dini. It's an excellent book. He has a way with words. I'm no writer but I try to do what I can in the OmniFocus forums. Aw heck, he can probably take some of these posts and wordsmith it into something legible.

It's worth every penny to get this book. I learned a lot from it.

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