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The archive is just another OmniFocus database, which is not currently synced, and does not have any ties to your active database. If you find something in there you don't want, you can just delete the offending items. If you don't want the archive at all, you can delete the archive database file entirely, or rename it (perhaps a safer approach until you are satisfied that you really don't need to retrieve anything).

The archive database file lives in the same directory as your database, with the name Archive.ofocus-archive. OmniFocus puts its data in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus, at least if you haven't bought it from the Mac App Store I'm not 100% certain about MAS versions, as some other Omni apps changed their corresponding storage locations to comply with MAS policy. It doesn't really matter too much, as the easiest way to get there is to use File->Open Archive, then control-click (or right-click) on the Archive label in the window title bar and select the enclosing OmniFocus folder. The Finder will then open that folder, and I won't have to tell you how to get to the hidden Library folder in Lion, or explain that "~" means your home directory, etc. :-)