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After watching MacSparky's videos, I think I've settled on a new structure for my OmniFocus projects, but it's led to some questions that I hope some experienced hands can help me with.

To start, I've created folders for Home and Work. Within work, I created folders for each of the major functions of my job (HR, Sales, Manufacturing, Service, etc). I've set up a few projects inside many of these folders. But I also realize that I have a number of one-off items for each job function. For instance, having HR send out a memo reminding employees to wear their identification badges doesn't really require the weight of a project. It's just a single action.

So, my question is, are there advantages to putting Single Action Lists into each job function folder, or should I keep one Single Action List for the enclosing Work folder?

Watching David Sparks' videos, it struck me that just about every action in his Inbox was assigned to a Project. To me, that seems like overkill, but maybe there isn't much of a cost (or any cost) in such an arrangement.

Maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing! Feel free to tell me.

In any case, thank you for any recommendations.

-- Robert