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Sorry, it's no wonder this is confusing since it's all still in flux. Pardon our mess!

For an action to appear in context mode it must be assigned to a list in planning mode (either a project, or a list of single actions). We recently introduced the notion of a default list for single actions, to which actions will be automatically assigned when they're assigned to a context without specifying a project. We intend for the default list to be part of the default setup (probably named something like "Miscellaneous"), but at the moment you have to set it up by hand if you want to get the behavior we're planning.

To set it up by hand, you need to create a list of single actions (which eventually will be as easy as creating a project or folder currently is, but currently involves creating a project and changing its type in the inspector), then make this list the default using Data Preferences. (The location and name of Data Preferences is also temporary, I have to point out. Ah, the joys of using software that's still a work in progress!)

At that point I think things will almost work the way we're planning, with one obvious exception: in the future we plan to treat single actions as though they're next actions, but right now they're treated as available actions.
I am wondering, since you have laid out your plan above, if it will be possible to make the InBox a child of the Library. Boy, it would really ease my concerns about the project focus of OmniFocus if the single tasks bucket was a list on the same level as the InBox. And it would seem consistent with the Library paradigm in the Apple apps. Library would be the topmost folder, containing all items. Then as sub folders: the InBox, Single Actions, Projects (or whatever sort of other subfolders you want). It all would make total sense to me then.