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One workaround is to use a different key combination, of course. I recommend cmd-shift-, (aka cmd-<) which corresponds nicely to the clipping shortcut hardwired in OmniOutliner (cmd-shift-. or cmd->). It works with both Intel and PPC, and Omni's CEO uses it, so I think it will keep working for the foreseeable future :-)
Also having problem with assigning a keyboard shortcut that works in Mail. Trying to use MailTags to send select emails to OmniFocus Quick Entry. Get system Alert Sound no matter what short I use. I have checked existing shortcuts in Mail, Apple system shortcut preferences, and QuicKeys shortcuts. Can find no conflicts. My assignment of Cmd-shift. works fine in TextEdit. I am running OS X 10.5.6 on an Intel iMac. Suggestions???

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