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I managed to send task by mail, but i cannot add any addresses in the " allowed from addresses " menu.

There is a default address there but it is not my work address.

I tried to use the + button but it does not let me enter any address. I tried to copy/paste; drag/drop...nothing will do...

Can anybody help ?
Adding mail addresses has always worked for me (10.4.11), and it still does, just checked. I would like an option to disable any mail address constraints (is this perceived as a security risk?). In case that never gets implemented, you can disable the address checking by commenting out the appropriate lines in the Applescript. Open the OF package and edit Comment out the lines

tell application "OmniFocus"
set AllowedSender to allowed mail senders
if AllowedSender does not contain trimmedSender and AllowedSender does not contain theSender then
end if
end tell

Any mail should come through. Big disadvantage: during sneak preview, you have to redo this every time you upgrade OF, in case they changed the script elsewhere.

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