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Subject: [OG #712175] Changing default Review Interval globally
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Hi Colum,

Thanks for writing in! Currently, there isn't a way to change the review interval for all projects at once, but I've filed a feature request on this in the development database and added your comments. We can't work every feature that our users suggest in, but we really appreciate them, and we can promise that each suggestion will be read and considered.

To change the default review interval for new projects, you can type out the following command in the address field of Safari on your iPad (or simply email it to yourself and tap on the resulting link)- this will change the review interval to 4 weeks:


If you want a different interval, you can specify a different string ("@3w" for 3 weeks, etc.). Hope this helps!

Also, I should mention that the documented way of changing the default review interval was removed a few versions back, but the documentation is still there- that's a bug on our end!

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me. We really appreciate your support!


Jameson Brown
Support Ninja
Omni Group