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Hi guys,

I've been using OF for a long time and there is a very frustrating glitch.

As far as I can tell this is it: if you add anything to the inbox on a mobile device and that device is out of sync with the server database, when the device goes to sync it can force everything above it BACK into the inbox.

A very common scenario might be if I am doing a lot of work on the desktop... Then I jump on the subway (below ground here in NYC... no data connection), and something pops in my mind to add to the inbox. If I do this, it can force any item that I've processed out of the inbox back into the inbox. If I've moved an item to a folder and added sub-items, it will pull the sub-items back with it. Same scenario if I'm flying, do a bunch of processing on my laptop, but then while in the air (and not connected) something pops into my mind that I enter into the inbox on my phone.

I have been experiencing this problem for quite awhile now. Knowing it's a glitch, I do my best to sync my device everytime before using it. However, it's frustrating knowing things are so fragile, and every now and then I do accidentally add data when I am not connected.

I've been in touch with OF several times about it, and no solution seems to have presented itself. On the last suppport ticket, they replied "The engineers are investigating the bug, and I've added your report. Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing in the meantime." That was on June 28th. I recently upgraded to the latest build and just experienced this issue last night.

Just thought that if I started a thread on it, it might help others experiencing the same issue to understand it better. And hopefully it can spur some action on the development team! It's quite frustrating to spend a good chunk of time processing through my inbox and then to sync only to find all of my changes reverted :(