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Kudos on amazing product!

Even after downloading a special applescript online called "arrange in a circle", I can not seem to find any (realistically efficient) way to arrange and grow concentrically multiplying subsets of, for example:
- an originating set of 5 squares ("ring 1")
- arranged in a circle
- that, in standard org-chart style, bifurcate (or "multiply") radially outward x2
- to become (at "ring-2"), for instance, 10 squares which then grow (x2)
- to become (at "ring-3") a ring of 20
- etc.

I know the functionality is IN this great feature set somewhere but there is actually hardly any signs of circular, spherical, radial, etc alignment/arrangement tools or functionality at the surface level of the controls as i can understand them.

Thanks so much for enlightening me gang!