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In addition to the usual life activities, I'm creating a house.

OG: floor plans, traffic flow patterns, heat flow patterns, plumbing diagrams

lists of things to buy (where, when, how much, and from whom) with links to images and web sites
construction details (by room/floor/space, dimensions, contents, features)
lists of who's doing what, when we met, rates, notes with links to Address Book

OP: the obvious use, but I don't actually own this one and rethink that decision about about every week but am not sure a one-off project deserves my spending time to learn project management software.

OF: experimenting with the alpha to keep track of all the tasks that arise like getting the current house ready for market.

Omnigroup 2.0 : the seamless communication between their apps. A Plan is constructed of Focus projects that arose from Outliner lists which evolved from brainstorming Graffles and which is then displayed in an automagically beautiful Graffle (with live updating).