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The Web Interface looks very interesting, and I'm sure it will evolve to something wonderful.

Unfortunately, I managed to half-break my Web Interface within the first minute:

1. Enable the Web Interface.
2. Open my browser (OmniWeb 5.6sp4).
3. Click my "home" context -- notice only a few actions from two projects.
4. Return to OmniFocus and change one of the projects from sequential to parallel. (The other was already parallel.)
5. Return to OmniWeb.
6. Switch back to the context list. (I may have done this after #3.)
7. Click my "home" context -- nothing happens.
8. Click my "office" context (which I has not changed in OmniFocus) -- nothing happens.
9. Click my "on-site" context (or remaining two context) -- works kinda OK (see below).

10. Disable & enable the Web Interface in OmniFocus -- doesn't help.

11. Quit and relaunch OmniWeb -- doesn't help.

12. Quit and relaunch OmniFocus -- doesn't help.

More on step 9: my three working contexts have problems with the header bar getting out of sync, e.g., wrong title, no "Contexts" return button in the header.

I'd like to continue experimenting with the Web Interface. Is there something I can tweak in OmniFocus or files I can delete to start over from scratch?

[copy of formal feedback]

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