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I'm actually mulling over starting a thread asking about OF for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. OmniFocus has been a *huge* help. It requires commitment, and a gradual understanding of the whole point of the OF/GTD dyad, but once there, OF seems like it was designed specifically for ADD.

I have a feeling that your visualizer ever-present, rather than in the dashboard will help! I wonder if a pref to set it to simpler display would make sense for an always-on usage. (Lower frames per second, etc., not that I know what I'm talking about.)

A trick I've been using is to set a chess clock (on my iPhone), with one "side" being On Track, and the other Distracted. So as I start to get into the habit of hitting the other side when I get distracted (which is surprisingly doable), I can see "who" wins, with the goal of having the On Track clock run out first. At 10 minutes each, On Track usually wins. That's 50/50 though, so hopefully I can get the ratio down to 10 minutes versus five, etc. But the effect is that I see how the last ten-minute increment went. Right now, I'm getting my ass kicked.

I'm getting my OF up to date, at the moment so I can't get too far just yet. There's going to be a little bonfire on my screen for now. Haven' seen any other state1 Hopefully, it'll be visually rewarding!

But yeah... I think the concept has a ton of potential.