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Interesting concept with the chess clock. I like it. Although for me, the distraction seems to happen without me knowing it. ADD? Possibly, or maybe it's a sign of the times.

The KranK widget was developed to help keep me on task. It does this by interrupting me to ask if I am still working on the task that I said I was working on.

The widget is a little buggy. Some of the tasks it doesn't like. Usually, quitting it from the dashboard and reloading it will solve the problem.

One motivation for the firesprite widget was to create an abstraction of things I am doing. Why is it, people can play games with sims or role playing and sit in front of a computer to tell an avatar to do mundane things, but cannot get motivated to do the mundane things in the real world? I think it has to do with abstraction. This is where FireSprite comes in. Trying to create an abstraction of all the things done in OmniFocus. A game, based on the tasks in OmniFocus. Something visual that a user can affect by doing real world things.