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New to OmniGraffle, trying it out.

Great program, but a few confusing things. The connectors are very strange. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd like them to act more like Visio (gads!). They REALLY seem to have a mind of their own! All I want to do is draw right angle lines most of the time, and position them myself, this is always how I've ended up drawing connectors for years in Visio, etc. - the automatic stuff is just always more trouble than it's worth I find. Every time I touch ANYTHING AT ALL in OmniGraffle with a line, the lines suddenly change shape, morph and mess up the careful way I've laid them all out. How do I make this stop doing all this automatic stuff?

One more thing. On a recent drawing, I connect two objects in a network diagram, and as soon as the two are connected, the entire drawing, all shapes, everything, whirls around and all goes to the center, ruining the entire layout. I can't imagine what "feature" this could be. Like WTF.

I think the same thing happens when I accidentally double click sometimes.

I've looked in preferences, and can't find anything much to turn off.

Like I said, I absolutely love the program, but drawing lines in this thing, if I can lick this, I will be golden.

Please - let me draw the lines, stop with the over-wrought automation here!