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I've always found that having an all-in-one application is a scary thing, and usually it will fail when it tries to do too much. I would beg that these applications be kept separate. I use all three, 'though not necessarily on a daily basis.

OmniOutliner is just a rad application, and it does what it does so well, and is so flexible and easy to use. I have this open at all times and I'll have a file or two for each project (one for issues which need to be reported out, one for notes/etc.). I use this for my own notes, for exec reporting (green/yellow/red), and for tracking open issues. It's perfect for these things and exports beautifully into HTML for posting to project intranets/wikis. I don't know what I ever did before I new about this application or when I worked on Windows.

OmniPlan helps me when the projects are complex enough that the dependencies can't all fit in my head or in Outliner. It's also wonderful for tracking by-resource task completion, which is great when your projects have many small deliverables, all to be completed by different people and it's impractical to have whole-project team check-ins regularly...this allows me to have productive conversations with individuals and have all their deliverables & tasks at my fingertips. For an application which is still in Beta, I think it's fantastic. It does just what you need, and not a lot of what you don't.

OmniGraffle is great, but is for more specific tasks of drawing user flows, doing wireframing, etc. I don't have much use for it in my project management role.