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There are two different operations going on here, but confusingly they are both called sorting. The view bar and associated commands allows you to sort your *view*, and the Edit->Sort command allows you to sort your *data*. Only the latter actually changes your data; a good way to see the difference is to open a second identical window and change the view bar settings. Changing the view bar settings in one window does not affect the display in the other, because the underlying data has not changed, but using the Edit->Sort command will likely affect the display in the other. They aren't generally interchangeable, and most people need both, sooner or later. And as previously mentioned, it doesn't usually make sense to sort on a per-action basis in Project mode unless you are actually rearranging the data, so view sorting (and grouping) in Project mode works on projects as the atomic unit, and in Context mode, works on actions as the atomic unit.