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With my current task management solution, I'm able to hit a hotkey that calls up a list of my projects, and I'm able to type the first few letters of the project and hit enter to jump to that project without touching the keyboard. Making the jump to any given project often takes only 3-4 keystrokes.

I'm evaluating OmniFocus, and if I wish to use the keyboard to jump to a project (without entering a new task), I need to hit Command-1 to go to projects, Command-4 to go to the sidebar, and then use the arrow keys to select the project. This can be onerous if there's a long list of projects.

The Quick Entry box allows me to add an entry to a project with as few keystrokes as I'm accustomed to, so I'm surprised I can't find a way of jumping to a project in a similar way -- hit a key, start typing the name of the project, hit enter (or command-something).

Any hints?