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Bring up the Workspaces window with Workspace->Show Workspaces. Check the Auto-save while browsing button at the bottom. Now OmniWeb will keep your windows intact without you having to ask for it (it's a real bummer if you accidentally have Safari launch and quit before you've done the Reopen All Windows command!) and often it even manages to restore forms that you've only partially filled out!

The Workspace feature set blows away anything similar I've seen in Safari or Firefox. See the Using Workspaces topic in the OmniWeb Help.
Unfortunately that still doesn't address the "Undo (Open) Last Close Operation" (whether it be a Window or a Tab). Too often I find myself closing a bunch of windows and instantly wanting to re-open the last one. Often over-shooting myself by one window/tab close. And then not knowing what I just closed because I closed it so fast. Also, looking through the history is no good to me, since I don't know what that last window/tab was. (Same goes for typing in the address bar for recent pages,.... since I don't know what it was.) Sometimes I accidentally close a window of tabs too. I know this feature in Safari and Chrome has saved my butt a bunch of times. I'd like to see it in OmniWeb.

My web browsing usually consists of 200+ tabs open at a time. This is why I use OmniWeb instead of other browsers.

I also request that the "Reopen Last Closed Window/Tab" option be available. This can be just integrated into "Edit > Undo" as an Undo item instead of cluttering up the menu, as far as I'm concerned.

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