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Hey guys,
Hope you can help me I need urgent help.

I sync across 2 macs (macbook + iMac) and an iPhone. I noticed today that my iMac hasn't been syncing to the database for a while. For some reason the sync settings seemed to have been reset.

When I reconfigure the sync settings properly, it asks me of course to either replace the actual iMac database by the synced one or replace the server sync with the iMac database.

Would there be a way to blend the two, perhaps even pointing me towards conflicts?

If not, what are my options?
1. Is there a way to list all recently changed or added items? I tried to sort by date changed or added but it doesn't do anything. the tasks remain in the same order.
2. Or would there be a way for me to review easily what's been changed or added recently in the database in other ways?
3. If my last resort would be to manually compare to the databases, how would I export some projects or tasks to the other? I can export a single project but I can't import it in OF after...

So even though I can end up finding what I need to migrate, how do I even do this migration?