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Thanks for your reply.
This seems like a workable solution. I can now compare both databases which I hadn't found a way to do before.

*If I sort by "changed" instead of "added" will I see both added and changed items? Is this right?

*If I double-click on the backup database, it will import all of the projects so there will be lots of duplicates right? Could I easily only import a few projects? I foresee the problem where I won't know which copy of the project is the updated one since they'll have the same name.
You could group by Added and sort by Changed- you'll see categories like "Added Today/Yesterday/etc." and items sorted by their changed date within those categories The timestamps for the added and change dates are in the Inspectors window.

Opening the backup doesn't import any data into your main database- it simply opens the file separately. You can then manually copy/paste data into your main database.