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Yeah, I'd love to see this Growl-less script. I'm just trying out this script after using OF for 3 years, and I can't for the life of me get it to substitute my variables. I have the variables defined in the notes of my project, and I'm confident that my placeholder opener and closer are correct.

Hmm, I tried to post links to a screenshot of my template project, my script (tried it both with the Growl code left in and with it commented out), and a 30-second screenshare of me executing the script on my template project... but the OG forum will only let me include URLs once I have 3 posts. Happy to send these links to anyone willing to help a lost, frustrated soul here.

Using OF 1.10.4, OS X 10.8.2, script version 0.7.1.

Been trying to troubleshoot for at least an hour. The setup seems so simple, yet I'm stumped. Any ideas?