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If I can close my calendars on Google to the public, and no one can see them, isn't that the same as password protection? I guess I don't understand your hesitation and/or warning. It would really make my "many part time jobs" life easier if this could be accomplished. And, yes, I am more than willing to harangue Google for changes to service and upgrades, but this is often tantamount to shouting in a wind tunnel.

Thanks for your time on this.


[Edit] I realized that everything I have is secured. My cloud based backup for Omni is password protected and when I try to sync that with Google, there's the problem. So, when I'm moving things around online, it's not really secured, and the whole "Public/Private" issue with Google is a shell game. Got it. Not surprised. I will most definitely file a product request right now. Thanks.

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