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The design of OO4 is looking very good.

I particularly appreciate the visual separation between the full contrast (black) user text in the foreground, and the muted lower contrast gray of the design elements (bullets, triangles etc), which pushes them into the cognitive background, where they don't compete for our attention.

Personally, I would like to slightly increase the level of separation between text and bullets, making the bullet gray a littler paler still.

(OF2 is getting this part of its design more or less right, I think, with a gray in the region of 63%, tho I might go for something nearer 50%)

More generally, once you have identified what you feel is an optimal level of visual separation between the user data and the design elements, it would be very good to standardize that across OO, OP, OF etc
  1. To avoid wasting time in the reinvention of wheels, and
  2. to develop a coherent Omni 'look', which expresses a commitment to productivity, and thus to highly optimised visual ergonomics.

In fact, I think, a broader set of Omni 'visual ergonomics' guidelines, and a coherent approach to excellence in visual design across all your products and communications, would be very good for users, productivity, and brand.


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