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I am new to project management and more importantly, time management for myself.

I have been learning GTD and even testing OmniFocus. What I am finding I need, however, is tool to help me manage my work tasks and time.

I now have 64 days of committed work. I need to lay this work out as tasks, for example:

"Do X in 4 days"

I then need to break that task up into smaller tasks. 2 hours here, 4 hours there, etc.

I then need to lay out all of these tasks and make sure I'll be done on time.

I need to be able to track time it has taken me for each task or subtask and have that reflected on my schedule.

I also want to be able to track things such as "Spent 4 hours fixing bug 1098" that was NOT on the original schedule. I need to be able to insert these tasks, or other personal items that take up my day.

For example, if I end up on the phone with a customer for 3 hours, I want to track that 3 hours, and have it slide down the rest of my schedule.

I have been trying out the demo seeing how I can continually re-level things, but I am concerned that I will press a button and blammo my entire schedule without knowing it.

For example, say I have 15 top level tasks, broken into many sub tasks.

Top level task "make widget" is a 10 day project.

Let's say I have done 5 of the 8 sub-tasks for this project and now I am on day 7. How do I note "spent 3 hours fixing bug 1090?"

Is this even the right tool? I like OmniFocus because it HIDES all of the future stuff, but I don't think it was designed for adjusting all of these linear tasks or rescheduling some when a colleague's work I am relying on is late, etc.